Drakolimni: The Greek… Game of Thrones scene
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Drakolimni: The Greek… Game of Thrones scene

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A mountainous, remote, and inaccessible place ideal for those who love mountaineering. Alpine landscape with colors that enchant you. In the middle, Drakolimni. Or else the Greek Game of Thrones scene as they usually call it. Another corner of Greece that leaves you speechless and as soon as you discover it you realize why our country has so many fanatical fans.

Drakolimni: The Greek… Game of Thrones scene
Drakolimni is located… In a definitely a majestic setting for which you will need to walk enough to admire it. Drakolimni of Tymfi as it is called is located in the alpine meadow of Tymfi and at an altitude of 2,050 meters. A little higher is Gamila (2,497 meters) which is also the highest peak of Tymfi.

As soon as you get thereyou’ll understand why they call it a scene from the famous Game of Thrones series Rocks that rise in various places, a valley spread around the lake and the blue sky as far as your eye can see. You’d think a mythical creature would spring up behind the cliffs. Beauty so riveting that you can stare at it for hours. For a long time.

In addition to everything else, you may be lucky to see the Alpine Tritones who live in its waters. Also known as little dragons. Definitely have a camera with you to capture these beautiful images.

See images from above from the video of Up Drones youtube channel…

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