Archontiko Soulioti

Archontiko Soulioti

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Archontiko Soulioti in Metaxohori is a nest. An old manor house offers hospitality, providing an ideal escape from the monotony of city.

Located in the calm and peaceful Metaxochori, which has stayed true to its roots and hasn’t been altered by mass tourism, the hostel is the perfect place for anyone who wants to relax and decompress.

A tour in the nearby montane villages of Agia Larisa and the beautiful forest, filled with picturesque little streams and ancient trees, that surrounds them is guaranteed to leave you stunned.

The hostel can provide you with an experienced guide that will accompany you in exploring the ancient sights, the museums and the unique stone bridges of the area.

For the adventurous travelers the hostel organizes a wide array of activities, such as riding, cayak, trekking, biking and archery.

Finally, the homemade and traditional kitchen of the hostel is the perfect way to end the day.

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Archontiko Soulioti

Αποδείξτε ότι είστε άνθρωπος επιλέγοντας Σπίτι.

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