Atlantic 49 Sailing Yacht

Atlantic 49 Sailing Yacht

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The Atlantic 49 boat, 15 meters long, comfortably accommodates 10 people in its 4 double cabins. Each cabin has its own bathroom with hot / cold water and electric toilets.

In the living room there is a TV / Radio / CD player / Mp3 player / Wi.Fi / Air Contition.

The kitchen has 2 electric refrigerators and gas stove. In the chart-table area there is an electric control panel that also has a large 220V charger to charge the batteries and operate the boat when it is in the port but also an inverter to convert from 12V to 220V to operate the gadgets when the boat travels.

On the outside, the rear side has easy access to the sea and the two handlebars make it easier for passengers to move comfortably to the cockpit. The vessel has all navigation instruments such as GPS / Plotter / Autopilot / Drum / Sonar and Anemometer.

The boat has an inflatable four-stroke outboard four-stroke engine.


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