What happens if you contract COVID-19 while on vacation in Greece
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What happens if you contract COVID-19 while on vacation in Greece

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Greece’s response to the pandemic has been prompt and successful. The country has recorded one of the lowest number of deaths and cases worldwide, which has propelled it to be one of the leading destinations for this summer.

Greek authorities conducted more than 6,500 thousands on the day the country reopened its borders. The first 250 samples were negative, according to health experts and airport staff.

What is the procedure that is followed if you come down with the virus while vacating in Greece? The National Public Health Organization has announced its guidelines to tourism professionals and travellers in the case of a visitor not feeling well.

Once a visitor begins to feel unwell he must notify the manager of the hotel or room in which he is staying. In turn, the manager communicates with the partner doctor – a service provided only in large hotels, or the local physician and he examines the patient. If a doctor is unavailable then the visitor is transferred to a local health facility where he is examined.

If the patient is in need of urgent medical assistance he is transferred to the closest health facility as “suspected COVID-19 case”. If the facility is unable to handle the case then the patient is transported by ambulance, boat or helicopter, to the closest health center.

If the patient’s symptoms are mild he undergoes testing and must await in his room for the results, without contacting anyone except a specially assigned member of the hotel staff if needed.

If the case is confirmed as COVID-19 then the hotel’s health supervisor contacts EODY immediately, registers the case and receive special orders for its treatment.

The patient is required to isolate at a special quarantine hotel or to be transferred at a designated hospital unit if his condition is severe. In the case of negative results the hotel’s doctor is called for treatment and instructions.

All areas used are then sanitized under specific EODY rules, while any person accompanying the patient (i.e. family member, partner etc) is required to provide information, wear mask at all times and conform with hygiene rules.

According to EODY guidelines all visitor or staff members, who came in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 carrier, must self-isolate, eat in their rooms and not use the common areas of the hotel. Staff members must contact the isolated person only if its needed and always following the hygiene rules.

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