Patmos, the blessed island
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Patmos, the blessed island

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“The island of the Apocalypse”, “Jerusalem of the Aegean”, “Holy Island”. These are just some of the names for the island of Patmos.

The island has been labelled as a holy land by Greek law, while the Cave of the Apocalypse, the monastery of Saint John and the historic settlement of Chora are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

According to Christian tradition, Patmos is one of the two places worldwide, in which the voice of God has been heard. In the “Holy Cave of the Apocalypse”, which still exists to this day, John the Evangelist communicated with God and He recited to him the Holy Book of the Apocalypse, which John wrote down with the help of his student Prohoros.

The island is truly blessed with remarkable natural beauty and a rich cultural and religious history. “Patmos’ unparalleled natural beauty coexists in complete harmony with its religious history”, Nikitas Tsampalakis, the deputy mayor of the island, points out.

“The coastline of the island exhibits an amazing variety of coasts, shores, gulfs, capes and rocks, the unique shape of which leave an everlasting mark on the visitor. It’s not a coincidence, after all, that a lot of celebrities have found their personal haven in Patmos”, Mr. Tsampalakis adds.

Richard Gere is known for his love of the island; he has spent many of his summers in Patmos’ beaches and his affection for the island has attracted other celebrities, too. Julia Roberts and Kate Moss is just a few among the famous Patmos afficionados.

“The island’s trails, which run through the whole island, give another unique chance to the visitor to experience its timeless natural beauty, culture and tradition. Without a shred of a doubt, Patmos possesses the ingredients to excel in every field, winning a special place in the heart and mind of every visitor”, Mr. Tsampalakis highlights.

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